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Friday, September 25, 2009

Marquette Park

"This tablet and adjacent elm tree stand here as a memorial to those from this community who served in the world war 1914-1918."

Marquette Park is my favorite place to walk. It is a wonderful place to rest and relax and to enjoy eternal beauty of NATURE. I dedicate this journal to all who take care of this beautiful piece of land. And I want to ask the rest of the population not to soil, destroy, or damage it in any way.

If you will look for information about this little "island" in the huge metropolis, you will most likely come across some articles about the park district works, and, certainly, about the social history of the area. My thoughts, however, are mostly directed to the natural miracles that I find here, especially while looking through the camera lens. Certain disturbing sights are also a part of this park these days. In this photo journal of my photo reflections you will see the creative glory of nature, and the destructive ugliness of human activities. I will not pretend that I know the answer to the questions WHY NATURE IS SO BEAUTIFUL, and WHY SOME US ARE EAGER TO DESTROY IT.

I find it appropriate to open this journal with some images of the monument dedicated to soldiers. It is just so great that this lone rock was left and not destroyed by the newer generations. Those commemorated were here first, as were people who created this park. We came later. It is up to us how we will honor their memory and their gift to us - Marquette Park.
I am grateful to my family for their tremendous respect for and love of NATURE. As an artistic person I cannot stop being amazed by the pallet of colors, shapes, textures that I find everywhere, starting with a tiny bug and ending with the vastness of the cloudy skies. I love this constant state of being surprised and amazed. While I still can see and feel it, I am alive.
As a business person, I am very fortunate to have found SHAKLEE. I am a serious follower of Dr. Shaklee's philosophy a core of which is summarized in the following statement: "Our first goal should be living in harmony with Nature, for the Laws of Nature are fixed laws. They will never change, so we must adjust our lives in accordance with their demands." /"Reflections on a Philosophy."/

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