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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Down South

It is a familiar call. Just raise your head to the direction of the sound. You will see formations of the feathered "pilots" practicing their flight down South. The rehearsals start in August. In September, more and more geese and ducks are flocking to the area. They stay at the lagoon until late October. The birds feed on the grass and whatever else they can find close to the water. Occasionally, some passers by would swoosh some bread for the birds.

It was amazing to see this year that park caretakers shaved the grass in the middle of October, just at that time when the birds flocked to feed. Strangely enough, the grass was hardly growing this summer. There was no tall grass at all. And yet, an irresistible human urge to use noisy powerful grass shavers left just muddy stubs for the birds to feed on. Oh, the arrogance of men who have conquered the NATURE!
Fortunately, rains picked up in October, and the grass is green and growing now.

Swimming Light

I found a way to catch the Sun. Its blinding light is elusive, if one attempts to look it up high in the skies.

My Sun is "swimming" with the fish... What a magnificent energy! Enough warmth to bring to life so much beauty and goodness...
Just stand still for a moment and gaze at the reflection in the pond. Where is it? Up here or down there? Or is it in your heart and soul?

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