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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fish Dying off in the Marquette Park Lagoon

My friend Karen just told me about something very disturbing happening in the park. Today I went to see it for myself, and what I saw was far more disturbing than I’ve expected. What caused such massive die off of all the fish? There is a chemical plant not too far away, and the winds blow to the park from that direction, from the West. Then there is the run-off water from the neighborhood school poring discarded stinky water to the lagoon all year round (that was a GREEN project). Such things are happening elsewhere too. What is causing fish to die off like that? We want to know. This is the first time in my long life, and, hopefully, the last time that I’ve got to see such disturbing massive destruction in our park.


skahtgrynstyn69 said...

Nothing mysterious here. POLLUTION! After 50 years of dumping trash and who knows what else, the fish have been suffucated in a dead lagoon. It needs to be completely emptied,the top 3 feet of mud bulldozed, and then replanted with water plants and after a year, restocked with fish.

Thomas said...

I agree. Emptied and dredged! The design of the lagoon is improper. There is almost no aeration outside of wind and rain. The two pumps they do have do not generate nearly enough water flow and therefore, no oxygen for the fish. Combine the galactic amount of daily pollution and umpteen years of neglect and then a blizzard to cease any kind of photosynthesis and BAM!!! winter suffocation!!!
If anyone has any questions, I am the guy trying to rehabilitate this lagoon. This will be my third year and all my suggestions to the higher ups get tossed aside because of budgeting or politics.

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