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Monday, March 1, 2010

Chihuahua and Pugsy

Two weeks ago, I took my mom and Roxie for our usual walk in Marquette Park. While there, we noticed two little dogs running after a big van. "In this neighborhood, sometimes people "walk" their dogs this way", I thought. Eventually, the van sped up and disappeared over the bend of the road. The tiny Chihuahua could no longer run. He just sat down in the middle of the road. His pal - a pug mix bread dog - stayed with his friend. Cars could not pass through. Three or four of them "piled up" at the spot where the tiny thing was resting and blocking the road. I got out of my car and scooped up the tired dog. At that point, the Pugsy ran away, and kept running, running. It took me almost two hours to chase him down while driving around. Apparently, the dogs were dumped in the park just recently, because the Pugsy still had strength to keep running fast, very fast. My guess is that the previous owners were in that big van.

I am new at attempting to capture any living thing, so it took me some mental effort to devise a strategic scheme: despite his bloody feet, apparently cracked from cold, I took the shivering Chihuahua out of the car on a leash onto a snow covered ground. Then Pugsy came up to his pal to check on him and just stood there. That was my moment to act. Both of those throwaway dogs ended up on my mom's lap in the car. Chihuahua fell asleep right away. Like a captain of a ship, the Pugsy looked around with his front paws on the dash board. I am so grateful to our Roxie that she did not eat those two... :-) She was quite a polite hostess who has complete ownership rights to the back seat of our vehicle.

The two orphans had spent only one night and a day with us, but I am still keep thinking about their fate. Unfortunately, having a big dog of my own, I could not keep those two pals myself. To make a long story short, the next day I took both pals to the Southwest Animal Welfare League. I do not understand how it is possible for someone to throw away dogs on any day, especially in a freezing cold.

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